Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cape Codding

Recently my most cherished and beloved benefactor offered me a seat on a train from Washington, DC to Providence, RI, where a car would await us and take us to a frontier that in all of my American wanderings I had still not reached. This place, the stuff of American fairy tales, is Cape Cod. I feel like a true Gilded Age holiday-goer. Rails could only take us so far into the wilderness before we had to rely on a less savory yet undeniably more nimble mode of transit: a newfangled and certain to be short-lived atrocity called an automobile. At Land's End, even that machine would prove obsolete, and we would have to proceed by foot to visit century-old lighthouses and dip toes in the chilly Atlantic. I won't be posting a proper narrative here yet, but I invite you to follow the trip this weekend on Twitter @lisamarkuson using #ChampagneProblems and #CapeCod.

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